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The CHS alpine ski team does dryland conditioning from mid-November through the end of the season to build strength and fitness. A variety of workouts are used including:
  • Insanity: Plyometric exercises using the Insanity workout DVD series. Typically 30 - 60 minutes in the Franklin gym.
  • Stadium workout: 45 - 60 minutes of workout in the CHS football stadium including:
    • Stairs: Multiple circuits of the stadium stairs and tracks. Each circuit includes running the 5 sets of stairs using different techniques such as every stair with quick feet, every-other-stair, two-foot hops, and one-foot hops. 
    • Track sprints: 50-meter sprints with variations such as backwards, grapevine (sideways with cross-over), shuffle (sideways without cross-over), and high skips.
    • Jonesy: An interval pyramid; hard 100, jog 300, hard 200, jog 200, hard 300, jog 100, hard 400, jog 100, hard 300, jog 200, hard 200, jog 300, hard 100, jog 400..
    • Anaerobic: Exercises such as pushups, crunches, lunges forward/back/sideways, 1-foot squats. 
    • Obstacle course: Multiple circuits of an obstacle course laid out on the track using items from the equipment shed such as jumping side-to-side over a line of foam blocks, jumping over a line of triangular blocks, running a slalom through a line of plastic posts, jumping side-to-side over a line of foam half-cylinders, jumping onto a series of platforms, running the stairs, and running the track.
    • Relay races: Typically done on the football field with teams of 3 - 6 doing relay legs across the field such as high skips, grapevine, and lunges.
  • Ball: A free-for-all game played on the football field. Objective is to kick a soccer ball through the uprights. Anything goes (run, kick, throw, tackle).
  • Ultimate frisbee: Played across the football field, sometimes with a 4-team tournament.
  • Run: 3 - 5 mile runs from CHS to destinations such as Avery Park, the hill on the west end of Garfield Ave, or Reser Stadium.
  • Trail run: Runs at Bald Hill, McDonald Forest, or Chip Ross Park when there is sufficient daylight.